About MacroMedics®

Driven by the objective to help patients and therapists through innovation, MacroMedics works in cooperation with radiotherapy professionals to design, produce and distribute high-end positioning products for radiotherapy which prioritise accuracy, workflow efficiency and patient comfort.

MacroMedics, a Dutch company, founded on World-Cancer Day, February 4th, 2010, has grown into an international leader of innovation in patient positioning products for radiation oncology. The founding members of MacroMedics have developed products in this field for many years and played a leading role in the introduction of carbon fibre as a key material for patient positioning devices.

MacroMedics continues to build on the clinical experience and technical knowledge at its core by utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques and materials to create products which meet the highest demands for rigidity and low attenuation.

Drawing on various disciplines to create positive changes in the medical industry, the history of patient care has inspired us to approach innovation with a patient-centered outlook. Our motto is: patient comfort is patient control.


Company details

Oostbaan 670
2841 ML Moordrecht
The Netherlands

Tel: +31(0)182 389777

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Our principles

The evolution continues…

  • We help patients through innovation
  • We design products for high precision treatments
  • We communicate openly and directly with radiotherapy professionals