MacroMedics® opens new office in the United States

On Thursday, September 1st, MacroMedics, the innovation leader on positioning and immobilization solutions for radiation oncology, celebrated its official opening of a new US Headquarters for the entity MacroMedics USA, located in Elliott city, MD.

“The new entity will allow us to fully concentrate on the US market where we will utilize our fast, agile development cycle, to create new generations of innovative products within an open and constructive dialogue with radiotherapy professionals.” says Anthony Palin, MacroMedics’ US Managing Director. “We are very excited about this new adventure”.

If you would like to be part of this exciting new adventure, then please visit us at our booth at ASTRO 2016 in Boston, where you can meet the team and get to see the innovative solutions we offer.

About MacroMedics

MacroMedics has over 32 years’ experience in development, manufacturing and marketing of high-end positioning- and immobilization products for use in radiotherapy treatments. MacroMedics’ management has for many years owned and been responsible for the leading European Radiation Oncology positioning products company and has been the very first to introduce carbon fibre reinforced materials for use in radiotherapy products. MacroMedics’ ambition and objective is to improve radiotherapy treatment outcome and to optimize the workflow and productivity on the departments by bringing superior state of the art positioning products with a strong focus on accuracy, reproducibility, patient comfort, aesthetics and appearance (look and feel). Information on our latest products is available at:

  • 01-09-2016