Disease Specific Care Platform

MacroMedics offers a unique and innovative approach on Disease Specific Care by introducing a contemporary and comprehensive product line dedicated for standard as well as high precision radiotherapy treatment such as hyper fractionation and arc therapy.

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The concept of the Disease Specific Care Platform (DSCP) is based on positioning optimization of designated treatment areas and organs by making use of a platform consisting of a number of specific treatment boards combined with an extensive set of sophisticated modular positioning accessories.

With these accessories a comfortable full-body support for the patient is created while focusing on the treatment area with advanced positioning products, explicitly designed for the specific treatment area. With only lightweight accessories to attach, there is no need to longer lift heavy, bulky positioning boards on and off the treatment table. The quick accessory attachment results in reduced set-up times and a significant optimization of the workflow for everyday as well as high precision treatment. This makes the Disease Specific Care Platform an excellent product of choice.

DSCP tabel1.png