DSCP Accessories

A vast range of accessories offers a variety of possibilities for reproducible set-up. 

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SBRT Secure Arches

SBRT Secure Arches offer indexed height adjustment and quick attachment of accessories like abdominal vacuum cushions or Respiratory Suppression Plate

123700 SSA-XS SBRT Secure Arch size XS
123600 SSA-S SBRT Secure Arch size S
123500 SSA-M SBRT Secure Arch size M
123400 SSA-L SBRT Secure Arch size L

Abdominal vacuum cushions

123450 EA-VS Abdominal vacuum cushion, size S
123470 EA-VXL Abdominal vacuum cushion, size XL

Respiratory Suppression Plate

123530 EA-BPPS Respiratory Suppression Plate for SBRT Secure Arches, size S
123540 EA-BPPL Respiratory Suppression Plate for SBRT Secure Arches, size L

Respiratory Suppression Belt

126270 DSCP-CB Respiratory Suppression Belt

Arm supports

125300 UTB-RAS Rigid upper arm support, set of 2
125320 DSCP-AAS Height adjustable arm support with flexible high armcup fit for OmniBoard, MultiBoard, BreastBoard SX, set of 2


115260 CUSLPB Cushion to cover FeetSupport pins


126260 DSCP-HG Handgrips for shoulder retraction, set of 2

Vacuum Cushion Positioning System

173520 UTB-VCPSRE Positioning System for vacuum cushions on RealEase OmniBoard or MultiBoard