BreastBoard SX™

The BreastBoard SX is the elementary model of the MacroMedics® breast treatment line. It has a straightforward design for quick, easy and efficient patient set-up. It is a cost-effective and modern solution, manufactured to conform with the latest requirements in patient treatment.

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The BreastBoard SX provides a coreless single layer carbon fiber treatment zone without grid to obtain low attenuation, maximal homogeneity and rigidity. It is a light and ergonomic breast treatment device securing reproducible day to day patient set-up*.

172400 MBSXR BreastBoard SX with rigid arm support
172450 MBSXA BreastBoard SX with height adjustable arm support
122590 BSS Bottomstop adaption for shorter patients

The BreastBoard SX features:

  • Rigid, homogeneous and low-attenuation IGRT treatment zone
  • Inclination from 5° to 15° in 2.5° steps
  • Optional height adjustable arm supports
  • Ergonomic and rigid bottomstop, optional high version available for shorter patients
  • Compatible with MacroCast 3-point head & neck masks with RealEase profiles as well as breast support masks
  • Indexable

* This device is intended for radiotherapy use and, where indicated, radio diagnostics. However, it is the responsibility of the clinician to assess the suitability of the device for the specific clinical application. Always consult the instructions for use.