The MacroMedics® EagleBoard offers quick and easy patient set-up for treatment of breast, lung and thorax*. A variety of indexed supports and grips for head and arms ensure comfortable as well as reproducible set-up for lung and thorax treatments*.

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The tapered design for maximum CT bore clearance and the use of MR safe materials make the EagleBoard an ideal choice for all imaging modalities*. The EagleBoard is a compact and cost-effective solution for quick and comfortable patient positioning.

112800 EBTU EagleBoard, 3P, MR safe including T-and U-Grip
122810 EBT EagleBoard, 3P, MR safe including T-Grip
122820 EBU EagleBoard, 3P, MR safe including U-Grip


The EagleBoard features:

  • Tapered design for maximum CT bore clearance
  • Easy adjustable positioning of the T- or U-Grip
  • Grips can be fixed in two directions for a wide range of positions
  • Full support of the upper arms reduces the need for additional devices such as vacuum cushions
  • Adjustable and indexed position of MaxSupport 1 head support
  • Indexable
  • Fully MR safe
  • Comfortable and quick patient positioning

* Always consult the instructions for use.