The FlexBoard is a lightweight baseplate with a locking system specially designed to host multiple types of breast treatment modules. The FlexBoard baseplate is the solution for flexible and modular breast treatment.

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The FlexBoard offers a unique Breast Treatment concept that is extremely light.

With a weight of only 3,3 kg, the FlexBoard is considerably lighter to lift than any stand-alone breastboard.


Included in the FlexBoard Packages:

  • Breast Treatment Module + bottomstop
  • FlexBoard base
  • MaxSupport 1

FleXBoard Packages

The FleXBoard Packages are:

  • 172150 FBPEB2 Flexboard package EX with Eagleboard-2
  • 172500 FBPSXR Flexboard package SX with rigid armsupports
  • 172550 FBPSXA Flexboard package SX with height adjustable armsupports
  • 173630 FBPLXR Flexboard package LX

The unique breast concept offers three different Breast Treatment Modules:

  • With a weight of only 2,8 kg, the SX Breast Treatment Module is considerably lighter to lift than any stand-alone breastboard.
  • The LX Breast Treatment Module which is very similar to our succesful stand-alone BreastBoard LX. It offers various adjustment possibilities for the positioning of arms and head.
  • Latest addition to the range is the EX Breast Treatment Module combined with the Eagleboard-2. 

This concept eliminates the need to lift heavy, stand-alone setup boards.

Configure your Flexboard.PNG