The ThoraxSupport is a unique thorax positioning system with maximum focus on treatment set-up, homogeneity, efficiency and patient comfort.

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It offers versatile and flexible solutions to help position the patients arms outside the treatment area*. A short version of the ThoraxSupport is available.

122100 LB1C ThoraxSupport
122150 LB1MR ThoraxSupport, MR conditional
122650 LB1CS ThoraxSupport Short
122660 LB1MRS ThorasSupport Short, MR conditional
122540 HBSBT High Bridge Support for lowerarms
122670 90BT 90 degree arm support, set of 2
122730 HGBT2 Handgrip, set of 2
122520 TSW Carbon fiber wedge to incline ThoraxSupport


The ThoraxSupport features:

  • Rigid and homogeneous board
  • Stable and easy to adjust arm supports
  • Adjustable head support
  • Contoured lumbar area for patient comfort
  • Compatible with MacroCast thorax thermoplastics
  • 7,5° carbon fiber wedge to incline the ThoraxSupport is available
  • Indexable
  • An MR conditional version is available

* Always consult the instructions for use.