The next generation in head, neck and shoulder immobilization

DSPS-Prominent® is the latest advancement in the renowned Double Shell Positioning System (DSPS®) product line. With its unique cantilevered frame and expansion of the treatment area to the full head, neck and shoulder region, DSPS-Prominent® offers personalized comfort and high treatment accuracy.

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DSPS-Prominent® baseplate

Following the launch of the MR Safe DSPS-Prominent® baseplate, MacroMedics is introducing the Carbon Fiber version.

Features include:

  • Cantilevered frame which ensures 360 degree freedom.

  • 100% personalized patient positioning for the head, neck and shoulders.

  • Lightweight and user-friendly.

  • Sleek design which enables reference-frame compatibility.

DSPS-Prominent® Cradles

In addition to the DSPS-Prominent® Baseplate, various DSPS-Prominent® Cradles are available to dock to your existing MacroMedics solutions.

Clinical Advantages - DSPS-Prominent®

  • High precision immobilization.
  • Suitable for use with all common imaging and treatment modalities.
  • Use of patented thermoplastic material with no shrinkage.
  • The target area is expanded to the total head, neck and shoulder area.
  • Optimized patient comfort and accurate reproducibility.
  • Enabling set-up and treatment uniformity.
  • Variety of mask combinations available.


113120 DSPS-Prominent® baseplate
113140 DSPS-Prominent® Cradle for DSCP, S-Type & RealEase
113150 DSPS-Prominent® Cradle for DCSP, ExaFix
113190 DSPS-Prominent® Cradle for ExaFix-5



113890 DSPS-Prominent® Mask, Head Only, Open Face, Long Hair, set of 5
113910 DSPS-Prominent® Mask, Head Only, set of 5
113920 DSPS-Prominent® Mask, Head Only, Long Hair, set of 5
113940 DSPS-Prominent® Mask, Head Only, Open Face, set of 5
113950 DSPS-Prominent® Mask, Long Hair, Open Face, set of 5
113960 DSPS-Prominent® Mask, set of 5
113970 DSPS-Prominent® Mask, Open Face, set of 5
113980 DSPS-Prominent® Mask, Long Hair, set of 5
DSPS-Prominent CF Frame with patient.png
DSPS-Prominent CF Baseplate with patient.png

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