ExaFix™ baseplates

MacroMedics® ExaFix baseplates have a compact design. The ExaFix-3 baseplate is designed for head positioning, the ExaFix-5 baseplate for head, neck & shoulder positioning.

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Acrylic MR safe versions and pediatric versions of the ExaFix baseplate are available. All ExaFix baseplates can be indexed to the couchtop with a CouchStrip.

110120 EXF-3 ExaFix-3, carbon fiber baseplate, 3-point fixation
110160 EXF-3A ExaFix-3A, acrylic baseplate, MR safe
110100 EXF-5 ExaFix-5, carbon fiber baseplate, 5-point fixation
110140 EXF-5A ExaFix-5A, acrylic baseplate, MR safe
110250 EXF-PED ExaFix Pediatric, carbon fiber baseplate, 5-pts fixation