Self-contained single patient positioning cushions

This polyurethane, fully sealed, foam cushion molds around the patient after activation of the internal components. It maintains its formed shape during all sessions of radiotherapy treatment, enabling reproducibility of patient positioning.

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The M-Cushion is available in the following shapes and sizes:

T3001/L M-Cushion Body L 70x110 cm, set of 5
T3002 M-Cushion Jolly 70x70 cm, set of 5
T3003 M-Cushion Arm 70x90 cm, set of 5
T3004 M-Cushion Leg 70x130 cm, set of 5
T3006 M-Cushion Limb 70x30 cm, set of 10
T3009 M-Cushion Total Body 70x200 cm, set of 2
T3005/M M-Cushion Cervical M 70x50 cm, set of 10
T3010/XS M-Cushion Neck XS 20x25 cm, set of 20
T3010/S M-Cushion Neck S 25x35 cm, set of 20
T3010/M M-Cushion Neck M 30x35 cm, set of 20
T3007/P M-Cushion Skull/spinal AXIS 60x140 cm, set of 5


Download the M-Cushion flyer and the instruction document.