Breast Treatment Module EX™

The Breast treatment module EX is the latest innovation in a series of interchangeable breast treatment modules. It is specifically designed to host the EagleBoard-2 and can be used on the OmniCouch, the OmniBoard or the FlexBoard.

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The breast treatment modules can be attached to the FlexBoard in just a few seconds. Lift the lightweight breast treatment module and position it vertically above the FlexBoard hinge slots. Align the hinge plates at the caudal end of the breast module with the designated slots in the FlexBoard baseplate and slide the breast treatment module vertically in the slots. Lower the cranial end of the module to secure it with the FlexBoard in the desired angle.


The MacroMedics® Breast Treatment module EX

The MacroMedics® Breast Treatment module EX combined with the EagleBoard-2 offers quick and easy patient set-up for the treatment of breast, lung and thorax. This new breast concept, developed by MacroMedics™, is based on the concept of wing immobilization.

The EagleBoard-2 is additional features that can be displaced and indexed longitudinally with a sliding system, offering an optimized travel range for various treatment areas and patient lengths. 

The M-grip and bottomstop ensure comfort as well as reproducible set-up for breast and thorax treatments. The EagleBoard-2 provides full support of the upper arms and can be combined with a vacuum cushion if is requested.