New breast concept for wing radiotherapy

Radiotherapy for breast cancer and cancer in the thorax needs to be precise and accurate, but also comfortable for the patient. For this purpose, MacroMedics® has developed a new breast concept, based around the wing immobilization technique. With wing immobilization, you have the option to make a customized vacuum cushion, which supports 100% individualized patient setup.

Wing-solution for radiotherapy

In radiotherapy, wing-solution products are very commonly used for patients who receive radiotherapy for breast cancer, lung cancer or other tumors in the thorax area. Wing immobilization is a form of immobilization in which the patient lies on his or her back on a board, with both arms raised over the head. When you combine this with an individualized vacuum cushion, it makes the position unique for the patient and it’s comfort. MacroMedics® has developed a new breast concept, based on the concept of wing immobilization: when you would like to incline your patient, you can combine the Eagleboard-2 with the Breast Treatment Module EX™. This combination makes radiotherapy as comfortable for the patient as possible.

Breast Treatment Module EX™ for wing radiotherapy

The new Breast Treatment Module EX™ is a versatile module, specifically designed to host the EagleBoard-2. It can also be used on the OmniCouch™, OmniBoard™ and the FlexBoard™. It is MacroMedics®’ latest innovation in a series of interchangeable breast treatment modules to allow for a quick and efficient set-up.

Breast module for wing-solution easily combined with other MacroMedics® products

Attaching the Breast Treatment Module EX™ to the MacroMedics® FlexBoard is a matter of only seconds, due to its light weight and practical slots. Simply align the hinge plates at the caudal end of the breast module with the designated slots in the FlexBoard baseplate, and slide the breast treatment module vertically in the slots. The EagleBoard™-2 can also just as easily be attached to the Breast Treatment Module EX™.

Find out more about the Breast Treatment Module EX™

Our new Breast Treatment Module EX™ is an excellent product to ensure accurate radiotherapy, as comfortably as possible. Do you want to find out more about our latest wing-solution for radiotherapy in the breast and chest region? Contact us today for information on how your patients can benefit from all the advantages the Breast Treatment Module EX™ has to offer.

Breast Treatment Module EX™

Breast & Thorax

  • On FlexBoard, Omniboard or Omnicouch
  • Interchangeable breast treatment module EX
  • Combined with the Eagleboard-2


Breast & Thorax

  • Carbon Fiber wingboard solution
  • Vacumm cushion  fixation 
  • Mask attachment


Breast & Thorax

  • Flexible & modular platform
  • User friendly and lightweight baseplate
  • Eagleboard-2 solution