Couchtops for radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging

MacroMedics® offers various couchtops for diagnostic image modalities and radiotherapy, including the OmniCouch™ which is part of the MacroMedics® Disease Specific Care Platform (DSCP) series. The OmniCouch™ is the ultimate “all-in-one” solution, allowing patient positioning accessories to be attached directly to the couchtop.

Next to the OmniCouch, MacroMedics offers a versatile range of regular couchtops for different brands. Contact your local distributor to receive more information regarding the possibilities for couchtops.

  • OmniCouch™


    • Extended travel range
    • Modular accessories
    • Uniform patient set-up on all modalities
  • Couchtops


    • For diagnostic imaging modalities
    • Leightweight & indexed
    • Easy to place & remove