Thermoplastic masks

Thermoplastic masks are a necessity in radiotherapeutic treatment for many forms of cancer. The masks have to be comfortable for the patient, rigid enough to ensure the right patient positioning, but also easy to mold. MacroMedics® offers the MacroCast thermoplastic mask range as well as a water bath and a convection oven to support the mask-molding process.

  • MacroCast™

    Thermoplastic masks

    • High rigidity and very low shrinkage
    • Available in different perforations, coatings and shapes
    • For various mask systems
  • MacroBath™

    Thermoplastic masks

    • Electronically controlled
    • Timer to switch on next morning
    • Compact dimensions
  • MacroMedics Convection Oven

    Thermoplastic masks

    • Non-stick surface
    • Insulated case
    • Space-saving compact designs
    • The MacroMedics convection Oven eliminates the inconveniences of using water
    • Digital temperature setting either in Celsius or Fahrenheit
    • 3” Touch Display for temperature adjustment
    • Heat circulation, convection principle
    • Built-in timer function

The different shapes, perforations and materials

Over the years, thermoplastic masks have evolved enormously. After several studies and research, MacroMedics® has designed a wide-range of thermoplastic masks in different shapes, perforations and materials to suit your clinical needs. This includes thermoplastic masks for head, head & neck, head, neck & shoulders, breast & thorax, pelvis, and extremities. The following perforation types are available:

  • No perforation
  • Fine perforation
  • Fine perforation – comfort
  • Standard perforation
  • Selective perforation
  • Multi perforation

The MacroMedics® thermoplastic masks are Biocompatible and additionally:

  • Do not contain latex of the type associated with allergic reactions, e.g. products manufactured from natural rubber latex, or components derived from natural latex.
  • Do not contain N-Methylpyrrolidone
  • Do not contain Phthalates (specifically the restricted modifications DEHP, DBP, BBP and DIBP)
  • Do not contain PVC
  • Do not contain substances of animal origin