Tilting baseplates

Tilting baseplates are available for RealEase, S-Type and ExaFix mask systems. They can be quickly clicked onto head & neck baseplates and offer angulation of up to 25° or 35° in 5 or 7 steps.

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Tilting baseplates avoid overstretch of masks as sometimes seen with wedges or blocks. This results in a less overstretched and more stable mask that benefits repositioning.

171500 RE-EXT HeadTilt for RealEase system, 25 degrees
171520 RE-EXTMR HeadTilt for RealEase systems, 25 degrees, MR safe
171560 S-HT25 HeadTilt for S-Type systems, 25 degrees
171570 S-HT25MR HeadTilt for S-Type systems, 25 degrees, MR safe
110200 EXT ExaTilt, 25 degrees
110240 EXTMR ExaTilt, 25 degrees, MR safe