Head and neck patient positioning for radiotherapy

When undergoing radiotherapy in the head and neck region, patient positioning is of the utmost importance. These sensitive regions require the most accurate positioning, while  the patient should also be as comfortable as possible. MacroMedics® offers a range of patient positioning products for the head and neck region. 

  • DSPS-Prominent®MR safe

    Head & Neck

    • High precision immobilization
    • Suitable with the dedicated MR Head Coil
    • Optimized patient comfort
  • SSPS®

    Head & Neck

    • Rigid set-up with carbon fiber cradle
    • Rigid, compact mask
    • Flexibility in treatment options and accuracy
  • DSPS®

    Head & Neck

    • Accurate², individually mouldable system
    • Quick and easy patient set-up
    • Comfortable² for the patient
  • S-Type baseplates

    Head & Neck

    • Ergonomically shaped for patient comfort
    • Optional handgrips for shoulder retraction
  • MaxSupport™

    Head & Neck

    • Available in foam and carbon fiber
    • For prone and pediatric positioning
    • Blocks and wedges available
  • MacroCast™

    Thermoplastic masks

    • High rigidity and very low shrinkage
    • Available in different perforations, coatings and shapes
    • For various mask systems

Three different systems for ultimate comfort

At MacroMedics® we offer three different systems: DSPS-Prominent® MR Safe, SSPS and DSPS. The Double Shell Positioning System (DSPS) consists of two masks made of special thermoplastic materials. These materials ensure that the masks do not shrink, resulting increased comfort for the patient. The DSPS-Prominent® MR Safe is the latest development in the DSPS product line. It features a cantilevered frame and extension to the full head, neck and shoulder area. The DSPS-Prominent® MR Safe therefore offers personal comfort and high treatment accuracy. In addition to these two options, we also offer the SSPS solution (the Single Shell Positioning System). The SSPS solution provides an easy way to avoid mask overstretching through combining a rigid mask with a cradle.  You can find more detailed information about each system on their individual product pages.