Pelvic patient positioning for radiotherapy

Radiotherapy in the pelvic region requires special attention for patient positioning and patient comfort during treatment. MacroMedics® offers a range of patient positioning boards for this specific region of radiotherapy. These products combine a high level of adjustment possibilities with features which allow the use of ‘arc’ techniques. 

  • LEPS™


    • Modular solution
    • Various adjustment possibilities
    • Supports comfortable positioning

The importance of special attention for the pelvic region

When irradiating the pelvis, it is important to reduce rotations in the pelvic region. This not only leads to more comfort for the patient but also facilitates easier set-up reproducibility. The MacroMedics® Lower Extremity Positioning System™ (LEPS™) is a modular solution that supports the comfortable positioning of the patient’s pelvic region and lower extremities in the supine position. When a patient instead has to lie in prone position for treatment, the MacroMedics® Pelvic Prone Board offers a patient-friendly design.