Breast & Thorax patient positioning for radiotherapy

Accurate patient positioning is one of the main challenges in breast and thorax radiotherapy. MacroMedics® offers a range of positioning boards to suit all types of radiation therapy. While each board has its own specific features  for different types of treatments and patient groups, every MacroMedics® breast & thorax board is characterized by a high level of patient comfort combined with maximum adjustability and user friendliness. 

  • BreastBoard LX™

    Breast & Thorax

    • Premiere stand-alone breastboard
    • Countless adjustment possibilities
    • Homogeneous IGRT treatment zone
  • FlexBoard™

    Breast & Thorax

    • Flexible & modular platform
    • User friendly and lightweight baseplate
    • Eagleboard-2 solution
  • Breast Treatment Module EX™

    Breast & Thorax

    • On FlexBoard, Omniboard or Omnicouch
    • Interchangeable breast treatment module EX
    • Combined with the Eagleboard-2
  • EagleBoard™-2

    Breast & Thorax

    • Carbon Fiber wingboard solution
    • Vacumm cushion  fixation 
    • Mask attachment
  • ThoraxSupport™

    Breast & Thorax

    • Countless adjustment possibilities
    • Compatible with thorax masks
    • Short version available

Ultimate comfort for breast treatment

At MacroMedics® we offer various products to make breast treatment more comfortable for the patient. Our breast treatment line includes the BreastBoard SX™ and BreastBoard LX. These boards have a straightforward design for quick, easy and efficient patient set-up. The BreastBoard SX™ is the elementary model of the MacroMedics® breast treatment line, offering an efficient and modern solution. It is an ergonomic breast treatment device securing reproducible day to day patient set-up. The BreastBoard LX™ is the premium, stand-alone breast board featuring four arm supports which are easy to adjust. Both boards use a coreless, single carbon fiber layer for low attenuation. As a result, the boards provide an IGRT treatment zone with maximum homogeneity, stiffness and stability.


The latest innovation: Breast Treatment Module EX™

The Breast treatment Module EX™ is specially designed to host the EagleBoard-2 and can be used on the OmniCouch, the OmniBoard or the FlexBoard. When combined with the EagleBoard-2™, the Breast Treatment Module EX™ provides a quick and easy patient configuration for the treatment of the chest, lung and thorax. The design is based on the concept of wing immobilization.