Water bath

The new design of the robust, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel MacroBath water bath type 4 perfectly accommodates MacroMedics® thermoplastic materials, including the larger DSPS-Prominent® masks. The MacroBath is electronically controlled and digitally adjustable, ensuring optimal conditions for heating thermoplastics.

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The innovative folding, hinged lid comes equipped with insulated handles, allowing for easy access to open and close the water bath effortlessly. the MacroBath Water Bath Type 4 features an antibacterial paint finish that enhances hygiene.

MacroBath 4

External dimensions:

700w x 610d x 174h mm (27,5 x 24 x 6,8”)

(incl. handgrips)

Internal dimensions:

665w x 575d x 80h mm (26,2 x 22,6 x 3,1”)

Temperature Range Ambient 5°C - 80°C 

(41°F - 176°F)